Watch Driving in LA - 1940's

Watch Driving in LA - 1940's

Driving in LA - 1940's

The Screenwriters | Filmmaker Bundle • 4m 54s

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  • The Screenwriters - Set Construction

    This is pretty much the entire movie set for THE SCREENWRITERS, with the exception of a hallway. Both sides of the door were used to depict four different offices. Each office was redressed with a different set of furniture, props, pictures, and posters. Our construction team was led by Thomas Cook.

  • Director 'Forrest Woods' Buys Coffee

    Near the set, a local coffee shop, Market Street Coffee in Purcellville, VA is visited by a man out of his time. 1940's director extraordinaire, Forrest Woods, is in for a shock when he goes to buy coffee. Or maybe its the baristas who are in for a shock. You decide.

  • The Screenwriters - Official Trailer

    Set in the 1940s, THE SCREENWRITERS brings us into the world of the once-great Stewart Harvey and the bumbling new kid in town, Chip Leninskovich, who together are forced to hash out a feature-length screenplay in under twenty-four hours. With core ideals clashing and studio pressures mounting, t...