Watch The Screenwriters Set Pranks & Fun

Watch The Screenwriters Set Pranks & Fun

The Screenwriters Set Pranks & Fun

The Screenwriters | Filmmaker Bundle • 3m 41s

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  • Driving in LA - 1940's

    Tinsel town (Los Angeles) in the 1940's was a haven for creative talent, drawing thousands of aspiring actors, actresses, writers, musicians, singers, and dancers hoping to make it big in the movies. In the 1940s and 1950s, Bunker Hill was a popular film setting, especially in the film noir genre...

  • The Screenwriters - Set Construction

    This is pretty much the entire movie set for THE SCREENWRITERS, with the exception of a hallway. Both sides of the door were used to depict four different offices. Each office was redressed with a different set of furniture, props, pictures, and posters. Our construction team was led by Thomas Cook.

  • Director 'Forrest Woods' Buys Coffee

    Near the set, a local coffee shop, Market Street Coffee in Purcellville, VA is visited by a man out of his time. 1940's director extraordinaire, Forrest Woods, is in for a shock when he goes to buy coffee. Or maybe its the baristas who are in for a shock. You decide.