Watch Making a Micro Budget Film - Part 2

Watch Making a Micro Budget Film - Part 2

Making a Micro Budget Film - Part 2

The Screenwriters | Filmmaker Bundle • 50m

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    Making THE SCREENWRITERS was a major achievement for the cast and crew who banded together in recreating the sound, manners, and atmosphere of a studio in 1940's Hollywood, all for $20,000 production budget. That's equivalent to one day's catering budget for a Superhero Hollywood movie.

    The w...

  • The Screenwriters Set Pranks & Fun

    Director Peter Edward Forbes and Cinematographer Ian Reid are being pranked by lead actor Jeff Rose, who plays writer Stewart Harvey. Christy Weaver, our makeup and hair supervisor, sets up the prank. You'll also see the 'true nature' of lead actor, Jason Burkey, who plays young writer, Chip Leni...

  • Driving in LA - 1940's

    Tinsel town (Los Angeles) in the 1940's was a haven for creative talent, drawing thousands of aspiring actors, actresses, writers, musicians, singers, and dancers hoping to make it big in the movies. In the 1940s and 1950s, Bunker Hill was a popular film setting, especially in the film noir genre...